Diversity and Inclusion Commission


Diversity and Inclusion CommissionCity Council and administration believe the infusion of diverse cultures, faiths, and customs enriches social and civic life and is a positive development for the community. As a municipal government, there is a tremendous benefit in nurturing and promoting this diversity in the community, and it warrants a higher priority on the City agenda.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created in January 2018 and was approved to be a formal City commission on December 1, 2021.

Commission Members

  • Chip Harrod - Chair
  • Umama Alam - Vice Chair
  • Priya Viswalingham - Secretary
  • Rabbi Samantha Schapera
  • Mike Hawkins
  • Benny Miles
  • Juan Molina
  • Sasha Naiman, City Council Liaison

Our View of Diversity

Diversity includes all the ways in which people differ, encompassing the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another.  While diversity is often used in reference to race, ethnicity, and gender, we embrace a broader definition that also includes age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance.  Our definition also includes diversity of thought: ideas, perspectives and values. We also recognize that individuals affiliate with multiple identities.

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