Board of Tax Review


The Montgomery Board of Tax Review schedules a hearing to be held within 60 days after receiving an appeal of an assessment from a taxpayer unless the taxpayer requests additional time to prepare or waives a hearing. If the taxpayer does not waive the hearing, the taxpayer may appear before the board and/or may be represented by an attorney, certified public accountant, or other representative.

Five volunteers appointed by the Montgomery City Council and City Manager compose the Board of Tax Review. Commissioners meet as needed at Montgomery City Hall, 10101 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery, Ohio 45242.

Commission Members

Appointed by City Council

  • Gary Blomberg, Chair
  • Ed Steinebrey
  • Brian Clifford

Appointed by City Manager

  • John Rothgeb
  • Anthony Pishotti, Alternate

Ken Suer, Council Liaison

Maura Gray, Finance Director

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