Planning Commission


The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations on zoning, development, and equivalency requests, subdivision proposals and code amendments. The Commission prepares studies and surveys, plans, reports, and maps as necessary to plan for the growth, development, redevelopment, rehabilitation and renewal of the City.

Seven volunteers appointed by the Montgomery City Council compose the Planning Commission. The Commission meets on the first and third Monday of the month at Montgomery City Hall, 10101 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery, Ohio 45242.


  • Vince Dong
  • Dennis Hirotsu
  • Andy Juengling
  • Barbara Steinebrey
  • Patrick Stull
  • Alex Schneider
  • Peter Fossett

Lee Ann Bissmeyer, City Council Liaison
Kevin Chesar, Community Development Director

Contact Us

Kevin Chesar (513) 792-8329

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