Exposure: Montgomery Photo Competition

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Student Winner Best of Show, 2023 - "9 - 5" by Matthias Wang

People's Choice, Adult Winner, 2023 - "Majestic Mandarin Duck" by Jennie Malone

People's Choice, Student Winner, 2023 - "Saharan Shadows" by Tanvi Mayya

Adult and Student Entries Accepted from April 1 - 26


Terwilliger Lodge, Montgomery, Ohio

  • Sat, May 4 from 12-4
  • Sun, May 5 from 1-3


  • Allie Blankenship Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Arabeth Balasko Cincinnati Museum Center
  • H. Michael Sanders UC Blue Ash


One adult and one student will receive a “best in show” award. In addition, up to 18 additional prizes may be awarded for works deemed by the judges to be of particular distinction. Awards will be cash prizes of $100 each.


Each competitor may enter up to 3 photographs to be judged. At least one photo per competitor will be exhibited. Those submitting multiple entries may specify which one entry they would prefer to see exhibited.  Entries selected for exhibition will have a display hook attached to their backing. Entries not exhibited will be on-site for viewing.

Entry Information

  • Each entry must be an original photograph of the competitor’s own creation.
  • Entries must be in photographic medium: black and white, color or experimental.
  • Each entry must be securely mounted on a stiff backing suitable for hanging.
  • Matting/mounting is required for a photograph to be exhibited. Unmatted/unmounted photographs will be judged but are ineligible for exhibition.
  • Dimensions of each entry, including the matting, must be at least 8” x 10” but not more than 16” x 20”.
  • The entry form must be clearly visible and affixed securely to the entry’s backing material signifying the proper direction to hang the photo.
  • Entries in frames and/or under glass will not be accepted.
  • Entries signed or otherwise identified on the photograph’s front will be eliminated from consideration.
  • No more than 3 entries per competitor will be accepted.
  • Any entry displaying subject matter deemed by the judging panel or the Arts Commission as unsuitable for public display to an audience of all ages shall be rejected for all purposes of the competition.

Entry Form


Entry Fee

A non-refundable entry fee of $5.00 (student) or $10.00 (adult) is required for EACH entry.  Cash, checks (payable to the City of Montgomery) and Visa/MC, American Express or Discover are all accepted.

Payment can be made when the photo is dropped off at City Hall.

For additional information, call 513-891-2424.

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