Amy Smith Community Development Specialist
Mayor Ronald Messer Mayor
Vice Mayor Sasha Naiman Council Member
Maura Gray Finance Director
Wendy Grethel Customer Support and Volunteer Specialist
Laura Braun Finance Specialist
Jessica Tice Finance Specialist
Council Member Lee Ann Bissmeyer Vice Mayor
Kevin Chesar Community Development Director
John Crowell Police Chief
Council Member Chris Dobrozsi Council Member
Melissa Hays City Planner
Amy Frederick Communications and Engagement Coordinator
Gary Heitkamp Public Works Director
Mike Rogers Public Works Assistant Director
Julie Prickett Human Resources Manager
Connie Gaylor Executive Assistant and Clerk of Council
Tracy Henao Assistant City Manager
Julie Machon Recreation Director
Council Member Craig Margolis Council Member
Council Member Catherine Mills-Reynolds Council Member
Dan Miller Public Works Supervisor
Nick Miller Construction and Compliance Inspector
Lisa Lorenz Recreation Specialist
Derek Morgan Finance Specialist
Brian Riblet City Manager
Ben Shapiro Assistant Fire Chief
Council Member Ken Suer Council Member
Matthew Vanderhorst Community & Information Services Director
Paul Wright Fire Chief
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