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Dan Miller

Dan Miller was promoted to Public Works Supervisor in May of 2022 and has served the City of Montgomery Public Works since September of 1995. Dan has been involved in most aspects of the public works, including winter operations, purchased the tanks, hoses, valves and then built the liquid system we have today. Dan then taught the staff how to use the system, and has also worked on our winter snow route maps that we use to prioritize the order of our snow routes. Dan has also worked in many areas, such as our City Parks, where he has overseen our asphalt resurfacing and sealing of our walk paths, tennis courts, basketball courts, and parking lots for many years. He also has done every aspect of work we have in the city parks and has taken the lead on many projects over the years.

Dan has worked in other areas like storm sewer work, tree plantings, building maintenance, street signs, fountain operations, special events, and many more. As the Public Works Supervisor, Dan handles the day-to-day operations of the Public Works and works with the Recreation staff in the planning and running of City events.

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