Cindy Abner Finance Specialist 513-792-8351 Email
Laura Braun Finance Specialist 513-792-8308 Email
Shawn Cooper Customer Service Representative 513-792-8301 Email
Evelyn Dumont Building and Development Office Manager 513-792-8309 Email
Sarah Fink Recreation Specialist 513-792-8317 Email
Amy Frederick Communications and Engagement Coordinator 513-792-8358 Email
Connie Gaylor Administrative Coordinator & Clerk of Council 513-792-8314 Email
Melissa Hays Zoning and Code Compliance Officer 513-792-8347 Email
Gary Heitkamp Public Works Director 513-792-8321 Email
Tracy Henao Assistant City Manager/Acting Community Development Director 513-792-8312 Email
Julie Machon Recreation Director 513-792-8316 Email
Nick Miller Construction and Compliance Inspector 513-792-8322 Email
Derek Morgan Finance Specialist 513-792-8305 Email
Julie Prickett Human Resources Director 513-792-8302 Email
Brian Riblet City Manager 513-891-2424 Email
Taryn Radford Finance Specialist 513-792-8307 Email
Mike Rogers Public Works Supervisor 513-792-8318 Email
Sharon Savitt Finance Specialist 513-792-8303 Email
Katie Smiddy Finance Director 513-792-8349 Email
Matthew Vanderhorst Community & Information Services Director 513-792-8323 Email
Terry Willenbrink Assistant Public Works Director/City Arborist 513-792-8320 Email
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