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Level 0: Frogs & Tadpoles

  • Parent and child will learn to enjoy the water together in this class. Parent (or responsible adult) and child will become acclimated to the water through games and songs while in a
    group setting. Parent will learn key safety tools to use at a pool or near water.
  • Limited to children 12-36 months old with a parent

Level 1: Flounder

Child will become acclimated to the water through games and will learn basic safety skills in addition to water submersion and floating with support. Skills: Independent movement through the water, floating on front and back, recovery from a floating position, nose/mouth bubbles, introduction to bobs, and age-appropriate safety skills.

  • 3 years old on or before the first day of class
  • Have little experience in the water or are taking lessons for the first time

Level 2: Jellyfish

Child will expand on the skills learned in the Flounder class and learn to be in the water unassisted in both front and back positions while learning to propel themselves through the water
using either arms or legs. Skills: Floating, gliding, streamlined body position, recovery, bobs, submersion, propulsive kicking, introduction to propulsive arms, sit dives, and safety skills.

  • Successful completion of all Flounder skills
  • Can comfortably submerge under water and perform 5 unassisted consecutive bobs

Level 3: Octopus

Child will learn fundamental freestyle and backstroke skills with emphasis placed on the coordination and timing of the strokes as well as the development of a strong flutter kick. Skills: Novice freestyle, novice backstroke, elementary backstroke, side glide, treading, kneel dive, and safety skills.

  • Successful completion of all Jellyfish skills
  • Can independently perform a back float for at least 5 seconds

Level 4: Clownfish

Child will work to improve their freestyle and backstroke while learning all 4 competitive strokes. Emphasis will be placed on developing strokes that are swim meet legal. Skills: Strong freestyle and breaststroke, strong kicks, novice breaststroke and butterfly, tread for 1 minute, standing dives, surface dives, flip turns, and safety skills.

  • Successful completion of all Octopus skills
  • Can swim basic freestyle (with their face in the water) for 15 ft and basic backstroke
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