Purchase a Grave

Available cemetery graves may be purchased at Montgomery City Hall, 10101 Montgomery Road, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

cemetery veteran memorial

  • Purchase of a deed to a grave is not a real estate purchase, but simply a right to bury someone in the cemetery. All land in the cemetery remains the property of the City of Montgomery.
  • Residents are not permitted to purchase graves at the resident rate for non-residents.
  • Any lot owner may grant permission, by written order, for the burial of someone other than immediate family member in his/her lot.
  • Control of graves may be transferred to the heirs of the deceased, but for continuance of ownership, the heir that has the deed in his or her possession controls the use of the graves.
  • Upon the death of the recorded owner, the control of the unused or undersigned grave(s) shall go to the legally designed beneficiary(s). Proof that a person is the legally designed beneficiary will need to be provided to the City in a reasonable satisfactory form. If there is no beneficiary, it will follow the natural order of spouse, to children to parents.
  • The City may, at its discretion, repurchase grave space at the original purchase price at the request of the grave owner.
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