Foundations & Markers

The cost of a foundation is shown on the Rate Schedule and is subject to change.
Payment must be made at time of order.

Cemetery Marker

  • All grave markers must be commercially manufactured and engraved (with the exception of flush markers adhered to backers).
  • Monuments and flush mounted markers will be permitted in standard granite, bronze or approved marble only. The City does not allow landscaping rocks as monuments.
  • Any inscriptions on a grave marker or monument shall be tasteful and not offensive. The City reserves the right to reject any such distasteful, offensive or obscene monument, marker or inscriptions.
  • A memorial monument application and detailed design must be submitted to the Cemetery prior to any work being started by the monument company. The acceptance or rejection of the design or size of the monument is at the discretion of the Cemetery Sexton or designee based on the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery.
  • Foundations must be installed by the Public Works Department and are placed in line to conform with existing markers.
  • The City is not responsible for damage to monuments, markers, or stones in the cemetery caused by the ordinary care of the cemetery nor any other accident which may occur on cemetery property.
  • Foundations: 50¢ per square inch. Foundation must be 4 inches larger on each side than headstone dimensions for long-term care and protection.
  • The cost of a foundation is required prior to the installation and should be submitted on a Foundation Work Order.
  • The City is not responsible for the timely delivery and installation of a monument ordered by a monument company.
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