Montgomery Park Rules and Regulations

  1. Parks  shall  be  open  to  the  public  from  sunrise  until  10:00 p.m. According  to  the  Montgomery  Code  of Ordinances, Section 97.05: No person shall enter or remain within any park (excluding lodges) outside of those hours.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in the park shelters and park lodges , and the patios or decks attached to the lodges, and only when these facilities have been appropriately reserved by application filed with the City. An alcohol permit can be obtained from City Hall.
  3. No glass containers are permitted in the parks (excluding the lodges).
  4. No motor vehicles or motor-assisted vehicles shall be operated within a park area not specifically designated or designed for vehicular use.  Driving across ball fields, courts or walking paths is prohibited. Consistent with ADA Guidelines governing accessibility, an exception will be recognized to this Rule for persons with disabilities.
  5. No person shall park or store any motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or other vehicle within the park, except in paved areas designated for such purpose. Consistent with ADA Guidelines governing accessibility, an exception will be recognized to this Rule for persons with disabilities.
  6. Vehicular parking shall be prohibited during hours when the park is closed.  Vehicles parked in violation of this are subject to ticketing by the Montgomery Police Department. This is accordance to the Montgomery Code of Ordinances, Section 76.04.
  7. Small cooking fires are permitted but must be confined to the grills provided, fireplaces, or privately owned grills and must be completely extinguished before user leaves the area and no later than 9 p.m.
  8. No person shall establish or maintain any camp or other temporary lodging place within the park.
  9. No person shall erect tents, moonwalks, or other such structures or recreational equipment within the park.
  10. Speed limits shall be 10 mph in parking lots and on roadways.
  11. Discharge of firearms, air rifles, or arrows is prohibited.
  12. No hunting of any kind is allowed within the park.
  13. Shelters are available through reservations at  City  Hall  beginning March  1st for  residents and  persons employed in the City of Montgomery.  A copy of the reservation form must be with the user during the time of the rental.  Picnic tables outside for the shelters are available on a first come, first served basis.
  14. All sport activity areas, when  not  otherwise  reserved  for  scheduled  league  play,  shall  be  used  on  a  first come, first served basis.
  15. Athletic fields may be closed when poor weather conditions warrant.
  16. No person shall damage, deface or contaminate any land, structure, or fixture of a city park; nor shall any animal, tree, flower, shrub, rock or other mineral be removed, injured or destroyed.
  17. Persons in the parks must conduct themselves  in  such  a  way  as  to  not  disturb  the  peace  and  quiet  of  the neighborhood. No person shall play a radio or other sound amplification device  so  loud  as  to  be  an annoyance  to  other  people  in  the  park  or  to  nearby  residents. According to the Montgomery Code of Ordinances, Section 132.14:  Any noise, sound, music, etc. generated at the lodge or in the park must not be heard outside a distance of 200 feet from its source.
  18. Persons using parks are expected to exercise reasonable care of the park property and to clean up the area before leaving and dispose of trash. No person shall deposit any garbage, ashes, sewage, refuse, earth or any other waste material other than in receptacles provided for such purposes.
  19. No  person  shall  place  any  boat,  canoe,  raft  or  other  watercraft  of  any  type  (except  for  miniature  toy watercraft)  upon  any  pond, stream,  fountain  or  other  waters  within  the  boundaries  of  the  park  without specific, written approval of the City Manager.
  20. No person shall swim, bathe, wade or enter into any waters in the park.
  21. No person shall herd,  graze or ride  any horse, cattle, mule, donkey,  goat  or other  animal within the park without written approval from the City Manager. Dogs and cats are permitted as long as the pet is held in control by a leash, no longer than six feet in length, in constant control by command, does not conflict with the general public safety, and the owner assumes responsibility for picking up and disposing of the animal’s excrement. Consistent  with  ADA  Guidelines  governing  accessibility,  an  exception  will  be  recognized  to this Rule for persons with disabilities.
  22. No person shall sell or offer for sale any article, privilege or service or do any soliciting, begging or peddling within the park.
  23. No  person  shall  expose,  distribute  or  place  signs,  advertisement,  circular,  notice  or  statement  or display banner, emblem or design within the park.
  24. Where fishing is permitted, only two poles per person may be utilized and licensing must be in compliance with the State of Ohio laws. (persons under 16 years of age not required to have a license.)
  25. No person shall hit a golf ball or otherwise on any park property.
  26. No  person  using  the  park  shall  use  profane,  obscene,  threatening  or  indecent  language  or  shall  act  in  an obscene or indecent manner.
  27. No person shall repair, wash, wax or do an y type of work on a motor vehicle on park property, except for an unexpected, necessary repair.
  28. No person shall operate any engine powered model or toy air plane in a park nor launch fire powered rockets or use fireworks.
  29. Skateboards, roller blades  and  bicycles  are  permitted  on  park  paths  so  long  as  they  do  not  interfere with pedestrian traffic.
  30. Tennis court usage shall be limited to one hour if people are waiting. City sponsored events that are open to the public, are exempt from these park rules. Consistent with ADA Guidelines governing accessibility, an exception will be recognized to these Rules for persons with disabilities.

REV: 9/2014

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