Board and Commission Opportunities

Looking for a way to become involved in the City? One of the following City Boards/Commissions might be the place to do so.  The initial step in getting involved is attending an upcoming meeting of the Commission you are interested in to learn more about their project work and meet the current members. Visit the Boards and Commissions Page to learn about each of the Commission's responsibilities.

For further information, contact Connie Gaylor at 513-792-8314 or

So, you want to be on a Montgomery Board or Commission

To encourage community involvement and to effectively utilize the vast array of volunteer talents, the following procedure for Board and Commission appointments has been established:

  1. The Clerk of Council determines vacancies on Boards and Commissions (resignations or term expirations) by December 1 of a given year and provides a list of those vacancies to City Council.
  2. The Community and Information Services Department publicizes these volunteer opportunities in the Montgomery Bulletin.
  3. Applicants are recommended to attend 2 to 3 scheduled Board or Commission meetings to gain a better understanding of the work of the Board or Commission in which they are interested.
  4. The Clerk of Council distributes copies of submitted applications to the respective City Council Committee Chairs. The Committees review the applications and determine whom to interview for the vacancies.
  5. City Council Committees may conduct in person interviews with the applicants and decide on recommendations for City Council appointments.
  6. City Council makes formal appointments to Boards and Commissions after recommendations are made by City Council Committee Chairs.
  7. The Council Committee Chairs advise the applicant of their appointment. All appointees will be provided with a padfolio that includes City information and board and/commission specific information, a Boards and Commission Reference Manual and pertinent meeting information to review.
  8. The Council Committee Chairs inform those citizens who were not appointed (interviewed and non-interviewed) outlining other volunteer possibilities. A list of names for placement in other volunteer positions or for future Board or Commission openings is kept on file.
  9. After annual appointments have been completed, the Clerk of Council updates the Directory of Elected and Appointed Official handbook.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria are generally utilized by City Council members in the selection and appointment of Board and Commission members:

  1. Does the candidate bring expertise to the areas under the group’s purview?
  2. Has the candidate expressed an interest in serving, a willingness to act in the sole best interest of the community and a commitment to participate actively?
  3. Will the appointment of the candidate contribute to the representation of a cross-section of the community on this committee?
  4. Has the candidate demonstrated an understanding of the time involved in serving with an advisory group and expressed a willingness to make that commitment?
  5. Would the candidate be supportive of the Mission, Vision, and Values of the City?

It is common to have multiple applicants for a vacancy making it difficult to select one candidate. The overall goal is to maintain a highly competent and effective Board or Commission by assembling the best possible team of volunteers.

Applications remain on file for a period of one (1) year unless the applicant requests withdrawal.


Although there are currently no term limitations regarding service on a Board or Commission, reappointment of outgoing members will not be automatic. A Board or Commission members’ performance may be reviewed by the Council and Staff Liaisons. This review includes meeting attendance, ability and willingness to carry out duties and ability to work with other Board and Commission members and treatment of the public are some factors to be considered.   Candidates for reappointment will be considered along with new applicants for vacant Board or Commission seats.


If at any time during a Board or Commission member’s term they choose to resign, it is requested that formal  notification be provided  by email to the City Council Liaison.

Current Board and Commission Openings

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