Projects requiring a permit

Requires a building permit and/or zoning permit (although this may not cover all situations that require a permit):

  • New construction
  • New additions
  • Demolition of existing building
  • Decks/Porches
  • Pools (in ground and above ground)
  • Alteration of floor joists, wall studs, ceiling joists, rafters, beams, or other structural supports
  • New or moved interior walls, regardless of whether or not they are structural
  • Structural repair of existing residential roof
  • Roofing replacement residential (as of January 2018)
  • All commercial roofing projects
  • New wall openings for windows or doors
  • New or replacement heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment or ducts, and gas lines
  • New wood-burning stoves or fireplaces
  • Accessory buildings over 200 square feet in size (shed or detached garage)
  • Retaining walls over four feet in height
  • Temporary Canopies or Tents (both commercial and residential)

Does not require a Building Permit, but does require a Zoning Permit:

  • Accessory structures (sheds) 200 square feet and less in size
  • Temporary signs (commercial)
  • Sandwich board signs (Heritage district only)
  • Patios
  • Animal enclosures
  • Temporary storage containers
  • Fire pits
  • Removal of underground storage tank
  • Filling in of in-ground pool
  • Replacement of driveways or walkways (in right of way) Right of Way Permit
  • Enlarging or expanding driveways, sidewalks or any paved surface

Does not require either a Building or Zoning Permit and the work can be done at any time:

  • Replacement siding that does not require structural changes or repairs
  • Replacement windows that do not require structural changes or repairs
  • Interior decoration, such as paint, wallpaper, carpet, tile, cabinets, window coverings, and replacement light fixtures
  • Installation of playground equipment
  • New or replacement gutters and downspouts (new curb cuts not permitted)
  • New storm windows or doors in existing openings
  • New fencing
  • Planting trees, shrubs, and other vegetation

Not all permits in the City of Montgomery are issued by the City. Please consult with these other jurisdictions at the beginning of your project planning process.

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