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Meet Asha, Montgomery’s Therapy Dog

The City of Montgomery is proud to introduce Asha, a one-year-old standard poodle and therapy dog who will be working closely with Montgomery staff. Asha is available to all city staff but will primarily report to work each day at our Montgomery Safety Center. The City recognizes the vital role played by its first responders. … Continued

Volunteering is Good for Your Mental Health

December is not just the holiday season; it’s also the month of giving back. Many people donate to their favorite charity this time of year, but you can also donate your time. Volunteering can be a positive step toward improving your mental health. Reducing Stress – relax and volunteer at an activity that you enjoy doing. … Continued

It’s OK to Talk About Mental Health

Council Message by Mayor Craig Margolis Six months ago, I shared plans of a community initiative designed to address mental health concerns in our community. Through our many programs, commissions, and initiatives, Montgomery wants to continue to be known as a caring community, and promoting good mental health will be another way of demonstrating we … Continued

What To Expect When You See The Bluebird Logo

When You See The Bluebird Logo, Expect to see Mental Health & Wellness Information The City of Montgomery recognizes mental health and wellness as a growing concern for our families, community, and the nation. You may have noticed our new Bluebird Logo in the February Bulletin. When you see the new logo, you can expect … Continued

An Officer’s Response to a Mental Health Crisis – Part 2

This is the second of a 2-part informational series to help residents understand a police response to a mental health crisis and explain available resources for patients and family members. All Montgomery Officers have recently received substantial training in responding to mental health calls and will continue to get annual refresher courses to stay abreast … Continued

An Officer’s Response to a Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health is just as important as our physical health. There has been an increase in mental health issues since the pandemic. As part of Montgomery’s “Mental Health Awareness Initiative,” officers from the Montgomery PD will be sharing information and resources from their actual training and experience. This article will be the first in a … Continued

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