Meet Asha, Montgomery’s Therapy Dog

Posted on April 29, 2024


The City of Montgomery is proud to introduce Asha, a one-year-old standard poodle and therapy dog who will be working closely with Montgomery staff.

Asha is available to all city staff but will primarily report to work each day at our Montgomery Safety Center. The City recognizes the vital role played by its first responders. They are constantly prepared to handle emergencies, and the City understands that the stress and strain of their demanding careers can impact their mental well-being. This is where Asha steps in, providing a source of comfort and emotional support after a challenging call.

The City would like to give a special Thank You and recognition to “The Silver Collar,” a North Carolina based and military veteran-owned business that trains therapy dogs for wounded veterans. The Silver Collar graciously donated $15,000 worth of training for Asha.

As Asha gets comfortable with her role in the City, we will offer residents opportunities to meet her at community events and activities.

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