Fire Prevention and Inspection

Fire InspectorThe primary objective of the fire service is the control and elimination of unfriendly fires. Fire prevention, however, is increasingly becoming a major objective of fire personnel. In a modern fire service, preventing the outbreak and serious spread of fire is considered as essential to public safety as proficiency in fighting fires. It is recognized that a jurisdiction has a continuing responsibility for periodic inspection of certain uses of buildings to be sure that the safeguards against fire and the protection of life are properly maintained. This responsibility is generally assigned to the fire department or the fire prevention division of the municipality being served.

Any good inspection program must consider the benefits of educating the public about hazards which may affect them and how that might endanger their lives and property. Realizing this and the importance of such a program, the Montgomery Fire Department established an active Division of Fire Prevention. Through this Division, fire inspections within the jurisdiction are carried out on a regular, systematic basis by three certified fire safety inspectors. The program requires all occupancies except residential properties to be inspected at least once per year.

In addition, the Fire Marshal is responsible to inform and educate the public in areas of fire prevention and to consult with individuals and property owners to secure cooperation on matters affecting their safety to others. The Fire Marshal also works closely with the City in the development and enactment of codes for the abatement and prevention of fires.

To contact the Fire Marshal, call 513-985-1632.

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