Fire Extinguisher Training

The Fire Department offers a fire extinguisher training program to local businesses and employers. The class consists of a training video on the different stages of fire and the different types and classes of extinguishers. This is followed by personal instruction coupled with hands-on training. A small flammable liquid fire is extinguished by each participant at the conclusion of the class.

Fire Extinguisher TrainingA simple way to remember the steps in using an extinguisher is PASS.

P = Pull (the pin)
A = Aim (the nozzle)
S = Squeeze (the handle)
S = Sweep (the base of the fire)

We encourage everyone to have at least two fire extinguishers in their home, one near the kitchen and one in the garage. During our home fire safety and security visit we can help select mounting locations and provide helpful hints on the selection, use and upkeep of your extinguishers.

Extinguishers are rated by the size and type of fire they are designed to put out. The use of the wrong extinguisher can cause a fire to spread and become worse or may cause injury to the user. A multi-purpose ABC type extinguisher can be used safely on the vast majority of fires that may occur around the house.

Stop by or call the Fire Department at 513-985-1633 for some helpful advice before you purchase a fire extinguisher for your home, car or business.

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