2023 Public Works and Recreation Annual Report

Public Works

In 2023, the public works staff coordinated the completion of major infrastructure repairs and rehabilitation of approximately 2.34 centerline miles of roadway, resurfacing all or portions of 11 streets:

  • Southwind Drive
  • Westwind Drive
  • Trailwind Drive (Southwind Dr to east terminus)
  • Windpoint Place
  • Windzag Lane (Zig Zag Rd to Baywind Dr)
  • Baywind Drive (Windzag Ln to Trailwind Dr)
  • Treeheights Court
  • Delray Drive (Cooper Rd to Castleford Ln)
  • Castleford Lane (Delray Dr to east terminus)
  • Zig Zag Road (I-71 Bridge to west corporation limit)
  • Windhaven Court

In 2023, the Public Works staff also coordinated the replacement of 14 of the 704 total fire hydrants located within the City. This work was done in conjunction with the Street Resurfacing Program and was the 10th year of a multi-year comprehensive plan to address the aging fire hydrants in the community.  To date, the department has replaced 210 fire hydrants with new hydrants.

Public works staff completed the annual Street Crack Seal program. Crack seal is the best performing, yet least expensive, maintenance activity for extending the life of asphalt pavement.  Approximately 2.1 centerline miles of roadway were treated in 2023, including all or portions of 6 streets and the City Hall parking lot.

Another yearly program completed in 2023 is the Corrugated Metal Pipe lining program.  This new program began in 2019 to address the City’s aged metal storm sewer pipe infrastructure.  Lining the corrugated metal pipes extend their life, add structural integrity, and is more cost effective than performing a complete pipe replacement.  In 2023, a 60-inch diameter corrugated metal pipes was lined a length of 90-ft under Montgomery Road by the Roosa Street intersection.

The construction of the single-lane roundabout at Pfeiffer Road and Deerfield Road, which began in 2022, was completed in the Fall of 2023.  Most of the construction activity in 2022 was replacing and relocating utilities, including installing a new water main, gas main, and storm sewer system within the project limits. In 2023, the curb, pavement, and islands forming the roundabout were constructed in phases, along with roundabout signage and pedestrian-activated LED pedestrian crossing signage on both Pfeiffer Road and Deerfield Road.  The construction cost for the project including utility replacement was $2.2 million, of which $900,000 was approved for a grant received from the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI), $400,000 from Hamilton County Transportation Improvement District funds, and $500,000 from Greater Cincinnati Water Works for the water main replacement.

To expand the storage capacity for the Public Works and Recreation Departments, the rear portion of the Annex Building was converting from a roofed 3-sided exposed bin storage area to an interior storage area by the addition of a wall and garage doors. This conversion created an additional 800 square feet of secure storage.

Regarding the parks, the City continued its work on maintenance and upgrades to the park system in 2023.  All improvements are necessary to sustain the quality experience enjoyed by users of the parks, to ensure the safety of the facilities and equipment, and to maintain the operational and financial schedules and plans for the upkeep of the parks.

In 2023, the following park improvements were completed:

  • Pond fountain replacement/refurbishment in various parks.
  • Montgomery Park pedestrian bridge was replaced.
  • Annex building modifications, adding garage and storage place.
  • Swaim Park playground installation.
  • Pfeiffer Park tennis court was resurfaced.
  • Dulle Park basketball court surface repairs and sealing were completed.
  • Weller Park walking trail asphalt repairs were done on a portion of the trail.
  • A pair of drinking fountain replacements done at Montgomery Park
  • A new waterfall pump was installed at the Pfeiffer/Gateway Falls.
  • Triangle Park improvements began in 2023 and will conclude with the fountain installation in the spring of 2024.


Fitness classes continued to soar. There were 1,298 participants in 2023 which is an increase of 241 participants as compared to 2022. Classes provided an opportunity to keep our community healthy.

Youth Summer Camps continued to help keep kids active and learning in the summer.  In 2023, 18 camps provided a fun summer activity to 337 participants. In addition to camps, the annual School’s Out Day Paintball trip was held in October.

The average number of pool memberships sold during the last 5 years (minus the year 2020) is 732. 774 pool memberships were sold in 2023. Group swim lessons were offered during the season and 153 swim team members participated in the 2023 Montgomery Makos Swim Team.

In 2023, the City received the Tree City USA Award (28 years) and a Tree City USA Growth Award (25 years) for its ongoing commitment and action focused on environmental stewardship through, care of public trees in the City’s urban forest.  These awards continue the recognition received during 2009 when the Arbor Day Foundation recognized Montgomery as a “Sterling” Tree City USA, which at the time recognized Montgomery as just the sixth community in Ohio to earn this prestigious honor.

Americana hometown special events help make Montgomery unique and help to make Montgomery a great place to live, work and play. Local sponsors continue to add to the revenues generated for these events. Two DORA events were implemented in 2023 to promote the DORA District and support local businesses.

The Arts and Amenities budget supports the work of the Arts Commission and the Sister City Commission.  Both commissions are active in supporting several events, including the annual Photo Contest, Live at the Uni concert series, Bastille Day, and the July 3 Concert.

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