What is a Point of Dispensing (POD) Location?

POD is an acronym for a Point ODispensing.  It is a location where antibiotics and vaccines will be distributed to residents of the county during a disaster situation.  The Federal Government requires public health to establish PODs.

When would a POD be established?

If people within a community have been exposed to an infection that may be prevented by antibiotics or a vaccine. Examples would include natural disease outbreak (influenza/flu/pandemic flu) or intentional disease outbreak (anthrax).

Who is asking the City of Montgomery to establish a POD?

Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH) is requesting your assistance in this endeavor. The Cities Readiness Initiative requires HCPH to provide medications within 48 hours of an event. The Pandemic Flu and Public Health Infrastructure Initiatives requires HCPH to provide vaccines and/or antibiotics. Having a POD in your own community is beneficial because:

  • Community PODs will be more familiar for residents
  • Community PODs reduce travel and wait time
  • Community PODs reduce resident’s anxiety

The City of Montgomery has been working with the Hamilton County Public Health and has established 2 POD sites.  Our next step in the process is to recruit volunteers and train them to help staff the POD sites, along with City of Montgomery employees and representatives. Volunteers are needed in two categories. The first category is for persons who have no medical training but are willing to handle paperwork, direct lines, and answer questions.  The second category is for health professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, EMT’s, mental health professionals, and any other medical professional who can help organize the dispensing of medications or vaccines.  Volunteers will be trained through Hamilton County Public Health.

Each community has its own local POD, so you can help serve the residents of your own community! If you are interested in more information about assisting your neighbors during an emergency, please contact John Sherrard, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Hamilton County Public Health at 513-946-7940. Advise them that you would like to volunteer for the City of Montgomery. Strengthen and Protect Your Community!

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