FAQ Topic: Utilities

What is the public right of way?

The public-right-of-way is a strip of land dedicated for use by the City, in addition to the roadway, that is usually between the roadway edge and the sidewalk or utility poles. Generally it is land approximately 12’ from the edge of the roadway, depending on what part of the City you are located. For more … Continued

What are the utility companies that service Montgomery?

Electric and Gas The gas and electric service is provided by Duke Energy, 513-421-9500 or 800-544-6900. Shop and compare energy providers Report Gas Trouble – 651-4466 or 800-634-4300 Report Electric Trouble – 651-4182 or 800-543-5599 Duke Power outage information Duke Energy Financial Assistance Information Duke Energy Winter Bill Assistance Water and Sewer Greater Cincinnati Water … Continued

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