2019 Diversity and Inclusion Committee Accomplishments

  • Held 10 meetings.
  • Formed 4 subcommittees which included Community Education, Data and Metrics, July 4 Parade Float and Dinner Party.
  • Members Steve Coppel and Jackie Congedo presented “The Persistence of Anti-Semitism” at the January meeting.
  • Guest Speaker Tammy Bennett presented “Implicit Bias” to committee members, the Sycamore Schools Dean of Students, and to 8 Sycamore Schools students at the February meeting.
  • Member Umama Alam launched the first “Know Your Neighbor” community education series on “Islam and America’s Muslim Community” on April 2.
  • Represented in the July 4 Parade with members on a parade float. The unit won “Best Float”.
  • Represented at the July 4 Festival with members in a booth at the Festival.
  • Member Chris Burns presented “Independence Day – with Malice Toward None and Charity for All” at the June meeting.
  • Michelle Harpenau, Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky gave a presentation to the committee on “The World Affairs Council” at the August meeting.
  • Held the second “Know Your Neighbor” community education session on August 8 with Shane DiGiovanna presenting “Overcoming Disabilities.”
  • Hosted the second #IamMontgomery Dinner Party in September with 57 registered. Participants enjoyed food, live music and lit luminaries which floated in the pond at Swaim Park.
  • Members Reverend Nancy Turner Jones and Larry James presented “Beloved Community” at the September meeting.
  • Member Alfonso Cornejo was the featured speaker in the third “Know Your Neighbor” community education series speaking on “Hispanics in the USA and the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area” on October 15.
  • Guest Speaker Priya Klocek held a training session on Cultural Competency for committee members at the October meeting.
  • Brian Riblet applied to the Alliance for Innovation Conference to speak about our diversity committee. The presentation was accepted, and committee members will present at the conference in May 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Was nominated for the Spirit of Montgomery Award by the Montgomery Ohio Chamber of Commerce.
  • Advised on the holidays page in the 2020 City calendar.
  • Assisted with the recruitment for MCLA class of 2020.
  • Profiled Members in the City Bulletins which included Carol Gorley in the April Bulletin, Steve Coppel in June, Benny Miles in September, Alfonso Cornejo in October, and Jackie Congedo in November.

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