Know Your Neighbor Series: EquaSion’s “Compassion through Action” – Uniting Cincinnati’s Interfaith Community

MarMarch 19 2024

6:30pm - 7:30pm Terwilliger Lodge

10530 Deerfield Road, Montgomery, Ohio 45242

EquaSion Logo

EquaSion’s “Compassion through Action” – Mobilizing Cincinnati’s Interfaith Community

Leaders of the nonprofit, EquaSion (“Equality. Spirituality. Inclusion.”), featuring several members of Montgomery’s Diversity & Inclusion Commission, will give a presentation on their efforts to organize and activate Cincinnati’s broad interfaith community.

In recent years, EquaSion has engaged local Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus (along with local Baha’is, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Jains, Unitarian Universalists, Pagans, Sikhs, Indigenous/Natives, Rastafarians, and New Thought Unity) to work together for an inclusive, equitable, and just community for everyone.  Best known for its annual Cincinnati Festival of Faiths, EquaSion’s activities include programs promoting interfaith understanding and respect, dialogue, and racial and environmental justice.  The presentation will include a discussion of EquaSion’s role in addressing the local repercussions from the current conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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