Weekly Yard Waste Pickup

Limited Yard Waste (three cans, paper leaf bags, or bundles) will be collected on a weekly basis at no charge from the first week of March through the end of October for all one-and two-family residential homes.

Yard Waste

Rumpke Yard Waste Guidelines

  • Limit 3 (bags, cans, bundles) or one 90-gallon yard waste toter, except during the unlimited yard waste collection period in the fall.
  • Additional bags, cans or bundles require one $4.00 Rumpke Waste Sticker per item, available at City Hall or the Montgomery Kroger, except during the unlimited yard waste period when stickers are not required.
  • Additional 90-gallon toters will require three stickers each.
  • Yard waste needs to be placed in regular 30-gallon trash cans, paper leaf bags or yard waste toters (available through Rumpke). In the event of snow, leaves must be placed in paper leaf bags ONLY.  Leaves will freeze in the can preventing collection.
  • There is a 75-pound weight limit on the 30-gallon cans/toters. The toters cannot be emptied if they are more than 75 pounds.
  • Loosely place yard waste in trash cans or in paper yard waste bags available at grocery or hardware stores. Yard waste toters must be labeled as yard waste. Yard waste placed in unmarked toters will NOT be picked up.
  • Place yard waste on the opposite side of your driveway from your regular trash and leave the lids off the cans.
  • No plastic bags will be picked up.
  • Brush should be bundled in sizes up to 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter and fastened with cotton twine. Bundles have a 50-pound weight limit. OR a SINGLE limb of 4-foot in length and no larger than 6 inches in diameter laid at curb.
  • Place all limbs smaller than 2″ in a can or bundle. Limbs are only permitted to reach 1 foot above the height of the can.

Unlimited Yard Waste Pickup

During an 8-week period starting the first week of November, Rumpke will conduct an unlimited yard waste pickup. During this 8-week period, yard waste stickers are not required. After this 8-week period, any remaining yard waste can be set out with the holiday greenery collection the first 3 Saturdays of January.

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