Weathering the Storm Podcast


Our Story

On April 9, 1999, homes and lives were lost in the greatest tragedy to ever strike Montgomery, Ohio.

Imagine being woken from a deep sleep by wailing storm sirens. Disoriented, you break the darkness by turning on the television and a meteorologist warns that your street is in a direct path of a tornado. In an instant, you realize that you and your family only have a few adrenaline-fueled moments before the storm hits your home.

What was it like to be a first responder on the scene knowing you are in the midst of the most harrowing event in a community’s history? And one that no drill or training could ever truly prepare you for.

How does a community attempt to rebuild and heal after being struck by such a horrific tragedy? This podcast tells their stories .

Thank you!

The City of Montgomery would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of those who volunteered to help produce the podcast or share their stories. Their selfless efforts helped bring this podcast to life.

  • Jerry Beitman
  • Shannyn Caldwell
  • Ryan Cook
  • Jill Cole
  • John Crowell
  • Pete Delkus
  • Robert Dunham
  • Pat Giblin
  • Mike Harbison
  • Cheryl Hilvert
  • Greg Leader – Host and Producer
  • Faith Lynch – Producer
  • Ellen Mavriplis
  • Dan Miller
  • Kirk Nordbloom
  • Denny Reidmiller
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Jim Stewart
  • Matthew Vanderhorst – Producer
  • Greg Vonden Benken
  • Terry Willenbrink
  • Tom Wolf
  • Paul Wright
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