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FAQ Topic: Safety Services

What can I do about deer in my yard?

Montgomery contains a significant amount of green space and wildlife, including deer. While sympathizing with residents over problems associated with the deer population, Montgomery City Council has adopted a policy to not utilize a “controlled’ kill program. While a “controlled kill” approach may be viable in large regional parks and communities such as Indian Hill, … Continued

What if I see a coyote in or near my yard?

While the City of Montgomery will investigate aggressive coyotes or any animal that has attacked humans or other animals, the City does not hunt or trap coyotes. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is responsible for wild animals in Ohio and referrals are made to them where coyotes become a nuisance or a danger to … Continued

What is the City’s Noise Ordinance?

Construction noise is permitted 7am-9pm, Monday-Friday and 9am-8pm Saturday and Sunday. All other noise generated by a person shall not generate unreasonable noise between the hours of 11pm and 7am.  Click here to read the entire Ordinance.  For more information or to report a violation, call the Montgomery Police Department at 513-985-1600.

Is open burning permitted?

Open burning is prohibited in the City of Montgomery and is enforced by the Southwestern Ohio Air Pollution Control Agency and the Montgomery Police Department. Bonfires are allowed by permit only through the Montgomery Fire Department. For more information or to apply for a permit, call the Montgomery Fire Department at 513-985-1633. 

How do I obtain a reflective address sign from the city?

Reflective Address Signs Signs are $10 each. If a post is needed, there is an additional $5 charge. These fees include installation. Installation is normally made within 7-10 days. To find out more about reflective address signs, please contact the Fire Department by calling 513-985-1633 or by filling out an Address Sign Form.

What are the rules about keeping dogs?

Barking Dogs: No owner, keeper or harborer of a dog shall permit or allow such dog to annoy or disturb the public peace and quiet by frequent or habitual howling, yelping, barking or the making of any other such noise by such dog within the corporate limits. It is a disturbance of the public peace … Continued

How do I report a traffic signal problem?

The traffic signal system in Montgomery is operated by the City of Montgomery.  To report problems with traffic signals during regular business hours, contact Montgomery City Hall at 513-891-2424. To report problems after hours, contact the Montgomery Police Department at 513-985-1600.

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