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Paper – Any Type of Paper

If you can tear it, you can put it in your bin! All types of paper, paperboard, and cardboard are recyclable, even if they are glossy! You can even recycle clean pizza boxes. You CAN recycle this: Newspapers Magazines Phone books Catalogs Cardboard boxes – flattened Brown paper grocery bags Paperboard boxes such as cereal, … Continued

Metal – Aluminum and Steel

All food related metal cans go into your bin. No need to remove the label but do rinse out the food can. Please remove all lids. Large metal lids like those found on spaghetti sauce and pickle jars are accepted. Small metal lids pose problems in the recycling process. Non-hazardous, non-flammable material only. You CAN recycle this: … Continued

Glass – any Bottle or Jar

Any color, any size as long as the glass is a bottle or jar. Remove the lids (but don’t worry about the labels) and rinse out the container before placing in the bin. You CAN recycle this: Pop bottles Beer & Wine bottles Juice bottles Jelly jars Pickle jars Salsa jars You CAN NOT recycle this: Drinking glasses Light … Continued

Plastic – any Bottle or Jug

Don’t worry about the numbers. If the plastic bottle has a mouth smaller than the rest of the container, you can recycle it! Plastic lids are now accepted. To ensure the lids are recycled, please squeeze air out of bottle and screw lid onto container. Bottles/Jugs you CAN recycle: Water and pop bottles Shampoo bottles Salad dressing … Continued


Cartons are easy to recognize and are available in two types – shelf-stable and refrigerated. Please remove caps and straws. Cartons that you CAN recycle include: Juice Milk Soy Milk Cream Soup and Broth Egg Substitutes Wine

How do I dispose of paints and chemicals?

Latex paint can either be donated to Matthew 25 Ministries if there is still usable paint in the can, or if it is empty, or nearly empty, you can take the lids off and let the remaining paint dry or put kitty litter in it to absorb it, then simply put it out with your … Continued

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