Three Montgomery City Council Members Sworn into New Terms of Office

Posted on December 12, 2023

December 2023 Swearing In

Mayor and Vice Mayor elected by peers

Three Montgomery City Council members were sworn into office at the ceremony and reorganization meeting held on December 6 at Montgomery City Hall.

Council members Ken Suer and Craig Margolis were re-elected in November and sworn in on December 6 to serve on the Montgomery City Council, each for a four­ year term. Council Member Catherine Mills-Reynolds was elected and sworn into her first term.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Patrick K. Fischer swore in the three Council members, requiring them to “uphold the constitution and laws of the United States and Ohio, the charter and laws of the City of Montgomery, and fairly and faithfully perform the duties of their office.”

At the meeting, City Council voted Ron Messer to serve as Mayor and Sasha Naiman to serve as Vice Mayor. Both will serve two year terms.

“Becoming Montgomery’s Mayor is not only an honor and privilege, but also a responsibility to which I will enthusiastically dedicate my time and energy,” said Mayor Ron Messer. “I look forward to working with our talented volunteers and excellent city employees and colleagues in keeping the City of Montgomery the safe and thriving city it is today and for future generations.”


“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve this City as Vice Mayor, and I look forward to working together with my colleagues on Council,” said Vice Mayor Sasha Naiman, “I am also grateful for our city staff, who improve our residents’ lives, day in and day out, with passion, knowledge, diligence, and creativity. When I look at everything that has happened in the City of Montgomery recently, it’s impressive. We have great parks and activities; we are in a strong financial position; we have important improvements happening in the Montgomery Quarter and Vintage Club; and so much more. We do this all as a partnership with residents, staff, and council members. I am really excited to continue partnering with all of you and to step into the Vice Mayor role.”

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