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Posted on September 1, 2022

Ken Suer

Council Message by Ken Suer

How did the Sycamore “Aviators” name come about? Well, the District was formed in 1949, and around the same time, the former Blue Ash Airport came into being. There was a contest to come up with a mascot name. A student submitted “Aviators” and won.

The new Tapestry Collection hotel by Hilton in the Montgomery Quarter will be very nice upon completion. We had the Elm Cris Motel for a while but the last actual “hotel” was the Montgomery Hotel. The structure was built of logs in 1818. No TV or internet! Pretty rustic by today’s standards…

It seems that folks are always concerned with the value of their home. In 2021 the median sales price in Montgomery for a single-family residence was $523,000; over double the average sales price in Hamilton County at $220,000 ( and $171,600 greater than the national average sales price of $346,000.

At over one million dollars per year our annual street resurfacing program is certainly not cheap. It is necessary though; you can see and feel the difference. We are fortunate that we can consistently keep up with all of the maintenance in the City on a regular basis. Maintenance of private property is very important as well. As a premier community, our City has to look really good. How is YOUR place looking these days? Residents, business owners, and the City all have to do their part. The results are very visible to everyone.

I heard someone ask, “who is this Dora person?” The answer is that DORA stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (you can walk around and drink alcohol outside but you still have to behave yourself). There may be some actual Dora’s at a DORA event—that is possible…

I can think of several pro sports figures who used to live in Montgomery: Chris Sabo, Paul O’Neill, Scott Rolen (Reds), Tim Krumrie, and Dick LeBeau (Bengals). There have probably been others. I don’t know if there are any currently living here. Who is that guy who just moved into your neighborhood—is it Joe Burrow?

We all have a lot of stuff—more stuff than we probably need. People caught in tornados, house fires, wildfires, flooding, or earthquakes have only minutes to leave their homes, and they may lose everything in the way of possessions. What would you grab if you had to leave your place quickly, with disaster rapidly approaching? Your giant TV? Your furniture? This copy of the Montgomery Bulletin? Probably not. Photos? Precious keepsakes? More likely. What if you thought about this now—before there is a crisis? Food for thought…

And finally—enjoy a great fall in Montgomery and stay safe!

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