Thank you, Montgomery!

Posted on December 1, 2023

Craig Margolis

Council Message by Mayor Craig Margolis

My tenure as your mayor is ending, I now have a chance to reflect on the incredible journey we have shared over the past two years in Montgomery, our great city. Together, we have achieved milestones, faced challenges, and built a stronger, more united community.

During my term, we focused on creating pathways for both young and old to be engaged in
our community, fostering inclusivity, and enhancing our small town’s quaint ambiance. We have supervised the continued build-out of a new neighborhood, Montgomery Quarter, one more step to economic growth and economic sustainability. All this activity while remaining vigilant and sensitive to the health of our environment.

We initiated community projects that brought us closer. Our Know Your Neighbor presentation series is unique among other communities in Ohio. Additionally, parks were revitalized, local businesses thrived, and cultural events flourished.

Together, we tackled challenges head-on, showing resilience and determination in the face of
adversity. Our community has been able to bounce back from a punishing pandemic with vigor
greater than before. By making tough decisions regarding growth and operations in prior years, we have been able to improve infrastructure and maintain Montgomery as a desirable community to work and live. We are ensuring our city’s foundation is sturdy and resilient. And your City Council will continue to do so!

I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished together. Your support, ideas, and passion
have been the driving force behind every decision our united council has made and every milestone achieved. Our city stands as a testament to what a great city council, committed staff, and united community can accomplish.

As I step down from the role of mayor, and as of writing this message, uncertain whether you, our residents, will re-elect me to another term on City Council, I am confident that our city’s future is brighter than ever. We have been blessed with a fantastic location, a wonderful story to tell about our history and quality of life, and the value our government adds to our lives. Let us continue to work hand in hand, supporting each other and nurturing the spirit that makes our city genuinely great.

Thank you for the honor of serving as your mayor. Here is to the continued success and prosperity of our beloved city.

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