Some Ideas for 2020

Posted on April 2, 2020

Ken Suer
Ken Suer
21st Mayor, 2012-2013

April Council Message by Council Member Ken Suer

With the recent start of 2020, you ─ or people you know ─ may have considered some New Year’s resolutions.  Some of these are followed through on. Many others are quickly abandoned.  Well, according to author Brian Tracy, there are only four ways you can change your life.
They are:

  1. You can do more of some things.
  2. You can do less of other things.
  3. You can start doing something that you are not doing today.
  4. You can stop doing certain things altogether.

The great question is, “what should I do more of, do less of, start or stop?” As a valued citizen of Montgomery, here are some things that you could do in 2020:

  • Decide to meet and converse with at least one person in your neighborhood that you currently don’t know.
  • Take a walk (or walks) on your street or in your neighborhood ─ see things you never noticed.
  • Decide to find out something about a culture or ethnic/minority group that you don’t know now.  Check out the City’s Diversity and Inclusion events.
  • Stop into a Montgomery shop or restaurant that you have never visited.
  • VOLUNTEER! There are many opportunities ─ some with very small-time requirements.
  • Really explore the City website. There is a lot there that you probably were not aware of.
  • Take a good look at your property ─ what is one thing you could do in 2020 to improve its appearance?
  • Offer to help a person on your street or in your neighborhood with something ─ especially if that person is elderly or infirm.
  • Sign up for the next Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy class (MCLA) —- an excellent way to become more informed! Applications for MCLA are available starting April 1 on the City website.
  • Decide to eliminate any bad driving habits like speeding, driving while distracted, ignoring stop signs, etc.
  • Attend a Council meeting and share with us any constructive ideas you may have.
  • Decide to visit a City park. Or, if you have only been to one park, check out the others.
  • Eat more vegetables! Especially those from the Montgomery Farmer’s Market.
  • Attend a City event that you have never been attended. There is a huge variety.
  • Resolve to do better at listening to people, having civil conversations and doing your part to reduce the amount of hatred, bigotry, and divisiveness in our world today.
  • Resolve to be a more engaged citizen and help to build a stronger, more successful Montgomery in 2020!
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