Rumpke Implements Hefty ReNew™ program in Montgomery

Posted on October 26, 2023

Hefty ReNew orange garbage bag

Graphic showing how to recycle with a big orange Hefty Bag.             

You can now recycle more material than ever before!


 As part of Rumpke’s ongoing commitment to ensure their customers can recycle the most material possible – they are once again growing their acceptable items list by implementing the Hefty ReNew™ program in Greater Cincinnati.


People who participate can purchase Hefty ReNew™ orange bags at their local Kroger store or at For additional online options, visit Each orange bag features a list of hard-to-recycle items that can be collected in the bag for recycling. Simply fill the bag with those items, and when it’s full, tie it up and then place the bag in a Rumpke Recycling bin. It’s that easy! Rumpke will then collect the recycling bins and sort each material by commodity type as it typically does while pulling out the Hefty® ReNew® orange bags. The bags will then be sent to specialized recyclers that use the materials to create new and valuable products, including plastic lumber and irrigation blocks.


The Hefty ReNew™ program is intended to complement, but not replace, current recycling routines. Therefore, Rumpke Recycling customers need to continue putting paper, cardboard, cartons, glass and plastic bottles, tubs, cups, aluminum cans, and steel cans in their Rumpke bins or community drop boxes loose and unbagged.



List of accepted items in the Hefty ReNew Program




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