Posted on October 25, 2021

Lynda RoeschCouncil Message by Lynda Roesch

November is election month, and this is the first municipal election in over 20 years that I am not running. For more than 21 years, I have had the incredible privilege to serve the Montgomery community as a council member.

During that time, much has changed in the City. The most visible changes are at the Gateways on both ends of Montgomery Road. The Montgomery Quarter and the Roundabout both changed the southern entrance for the better. The Vintage Club on the north end of Montgomery has also created a beautiful mixed-use area that is still growing.

The Bethesda North campus and the Twin Lakes campus have added buildings that are top-notch facilities. Having a top-rated hospital so near is a great benefit to residents and businesses. The additional living space at Twin Lakes offers options to those who are aging.

Over the years, Council has faced a number of challenges, including zoning issues, stormwater issues, and traffic issues, among others. While the resolution of these issues does not make everyone happy all the time, by and large, the issues were addressed fairly.

I am compelled to comment on the quality of staff and the workplace culture in the City. The community should know that it has an incredible collection of individuals working to make and keep the City a great place. I am constantly impressed by the quality of the individual employees and their dedication and integrity. There is a reason why Montgomery has been voted a Top Workplace 3 years in a row and why the employees are willing and able to put in 110% to serve the residents, businesses, and visitors. From personal observation, I can tell you that these people enjoy their jobs and enjoy working together as a team. This starts at the top and goes through the entire organization. The police and fire departments deserve a special shout-out for what they do every day, including putting their lives on the line for us every time they go to work. It is not an overstatement to suggest that the front line of the war on terror is fought by our first responders.

During my tenure on Council, an entire generation has been born, raised, become eligible to vote, and drink alcohol. We have survived the 9/11 attacks, several financial bubble crises, and a pandemic. Through it all, the City has more than survived. Indeed, it has flourished, and I am grateful for the small part I played on the team. I have learned much about municipal issues over the past several decades from City staff. I have learned much from the past City council members, including Laith Alfaqih, Gary Blomberg, Ann Combs, Mark Combs, Don Cornett, Ed Daniel, Gerri Harbison, Mike Hawkins, Vicki Hirsch, Barry Joffe, Bill Niehaus, George Rehfeldt, Todd Steinbrink, and the current Council–Chris Dobrozsi, Craig Margolis, Ken Suer, Mike Cappel, Lee Ann Bissmeyer, and Ron Messer. Thanks to all for an incredible journey.

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