Recycling Details

What goes in my Recycle cart?

Keep in mind that single stream sorting technology allows each household to mix all of the recyclables in the Recycle cart. There is no need to separate items. Please place all items into the container loose and not in plastic trash bags.

If you do not have a recycling toter or need additional toters, please call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171.

Monthly Recycling Collection

The monthly Saturday Recycling occurs on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Public Works building at 7315 Cornell Road.  This collection effort is now accepting more than just corrugated cardboard. The Environmental Commission will also accept:

  • Discarded sunglasses
  • Prescription Eyeglasses
  • Plant pots
  • Amber plastic prescription bottles (Bottles must be empty with personal data removed or blacked out with a marker)
  • Ferrous Metals (metal with iron or steel in it)


Rumpke is implementing the Hefty ReNew™ program in Montgomery

You can now recycle more material than ever before!

As part of Rumpke’s ongoing commitment to ensure their customers can recycle the most material possible – they are once again growing their acceptable items list by implementing the Hefty ReNew™ program in Greater Cincinnati.

People who participate can purchase Hefty ReNew™ orange bags at their local Kroger store or at For additional online options, visit Each orange bag features a list of hard-to-recycle items that can be collected in the bag for recycling. Simply fill the bag with those items, and when it’s full, tie it up and then place the bag in a Rumpke Recycling bin. It’s that easy! Rumpke will then collect the recycling bins and sort each material by commodity type as it typically does while pulling out the Hefty® ReNew® orange bags. The bags will then be sent to specialized recyclers that use the materials to create new and valuable products, including plastic lumber and irrigation blocks.

The Hefty ReNew™ program is intended to complement, but not replace, current recycling routines. Therefore, Rumpke Recycling customers need to continue putting paper, cardboard, cartons, glass and plastic bottles, tubs, cups, aluminum cans, and steel cans in their Rumpke bins or community drop boxes loose and unbagged.

Where to Recycle Odd Items

Items such as polystyrene, aluminum foil, pie pans, takeout food trays, and plastic bags cups currently cannot be recycled in curbside recycling programs. While some materials are not acceptable through the curbside program, there are other recycling outlets available. Many of these items can still be recycled at a variety of outlets.

  • Plastic bags can be recycled at area stores such as Kroger, Meijer, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, or other locations
  • Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts, Packing paper can be recycled at the UPS Store, 9891 Montgomery Road
  • Natural Corks can be recycled at Whole Food stores at displays in their entrances
  • Styrofoam can be recycled at Eco Energy Development 123 E. Main Street, Mason
  • Various items, including electronics can be taken to Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub (Note: there is a fee for certain electronics)
  • Latex Paint, eyeglasses and pill bottles can be taken to Matthew 25 Ministries in Blue Ash

Call the Hamilton County Recycling Hotline at 513-946-7766 for a complete list.

Large Item Recycling

Items that are still usable can often be dropped off at a charity or picked up by other organizations. These items will usually be donated to somebody in need or sold at a thrift store. However, what do you do with a large item that you no longer want but it is not easily transported or is not wanted by Goodwill or other organizations? Some examples: Ovens, refrigerators, sinks, couches, swing sets, sand boxes, gas grills, yard furniture, TV antennae, firewood, televisions, bicycles, sports equipment, landscape timbers, extra bricks, lumber, roof shingles, old doors, usable paint, etc.

There is a local organized internet posting and email system just for this purpose. At, you can join the Cincinnati East group which includes Montgomery, Blue Ash, and communities east of us extending into many rural areas. There is no cost involved. A member of our Environmental Advisory Commission has been using this system for years, and reports great success in putting items such as those above into other people’s hands.

The Freecycle Network is incorporated as a nonprofit organization and is tax-exempt under the IRS 501(c)3 ruling.

Reduce Unwanted Junk Mail

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)

All Home Depot and Lowe’s home improvement stores  as well as Batteries Plus stores will accept used CFL’s from residents at no charge at their customer service desks.

Electronics Recycling

Check Hamilton County’s website for options that are currently available.

Battery Recycling

How, and where, to properly dispose of common batteries can be confusing. Here is what you need to know.

First and foremost: do not place batteries in your recycling bin or cart. Batteries cannot be recycled locally in this way, and they create a fire hazard in recycling trucks and facilities. Take your batteries to one of the following locations to be properly disposed. Be sure to place them in a clear, sealable bag.

Battery Disposal Locations

Household Hazardous Item Disposal (Including Oil-Based Paint)

Check Hamilton County’s website for options that may be currently available.

For more information call Hamilton County Environmental Services at 513-946-7766 or visit


Symmes Hub accepts items that the Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub accepts for free.  The Hub is open the first Saturday of the month from 10:00 am to noon at the Symmes Safety Center, 8871 Weekly Lane.  Check out their website at this link.

For more information, email the Loveland Sustainability Council at



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