What can I do about deer in my yard?

Montgomery contains a significant amount of green space and wildlife, including deer. While sympathizing with residents over problems associated with the deer population, Montgomery City Council has adopted a policy to not utilize a “controlled’ kill program. While a “controlled kill” approach may be viable in large regional parks and communities such as Indian Hill, it is not viable in suburban neighborhoods like those found in Montgomery from a public safety standpoint. City Council elected to encourage citizens to utilize alternative measures for controlling deer including the use of chemical and mechanical repellents and naturally repelling vegetation, and to discourage the use of some plants and vegetation that encourage deer feeding. We annually include an article and information in our monthly Bulletin on the subject, but there is also information available through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division offering suggestions on “deer proofing” your property through landscaping and other means.

Residents are also encouraged to not feed wildlife, as this attracts animals to residential areas and is also not good for the animals themselves.

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