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What are setbacks?

What are setbacks?

Setbacks refer to the distance that must be maintained between any improvement project and property lines.  Setback requirements vary for different types of projects.  For new houses, or additions to an existing house, the following setbacks would apply:

Location Residence A zones Residence B zones
Front yard setback 50′ 50′
Side yard setback 15′ from each side 12′ from each side
Rear yard setback 35′ 30′

There are other zones in the City of Montgomery, but Residence A and B make up the majority of residential areas in the city.  To see what zone you live in, check the Zoning Map.

Other types of structures also have setback requirements.  Sheds must maintain a minimum setback of five feet from the rear and side property lines and may only be constructed in the side or rear yard.  Swimming pools (including the decking) have a 10 foot setback to the side and rear property line.  Doghouses, rabbit hutches, chicken coops and bee hives have a 15 foot setback from the side and rear property lines.  Driveways have a 5 foot setback from the side property line.  If you are considering any type of construction on your property, it’s a good idea to call the Community Development Department to make sure it will be in compliance with the zoning code.

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