How do I report a lost pet?

Montgomery’s Police Department offers a service that could prove to be a lifesaver when a resident loses a pet or finds one.  Simply call the Police Department at 513-985-1600 to add the pet to a log of lost and found animals.

  • When calling, please provide a detailed description of the pet, including size, color, breed, sex, description of collar, and where the pet was lost or found. Since there are not adequate facilities to house a found animal for a long time period, a resident finding a pet can provide a valuable service by fostering the pet until the owner can be located.
  • Pets brought to the Safety Center can only be held for a short time after which the Hamilton County SPCA 513-541-6100 is notified for pickup.
  • To aid in reunification, pet owners are urged to keep a collar with personalized owner information.
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