Pfeiffer Rd. and Deerfield Rd. Roundabout Project Public Comments

Open House Summary

An open house style meeting was hosted by the City of Montgomery on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Terwilliger Lodge in Montgomery. A total of 22 people attended the meeting not including the project team. The City requested comments by November 20, 2020. Twenty-five individuals provided written feedback on the project through the provided comment cards, the City’s website and emails to City officials. The City advertised the open house on their website, in their October Bulletin, on ODOT District 8’s website, sent letters to property owners adjacent to the project area, and issued a press release.

A summary of the comments, along with the number of commenters that identified the issue, is provided in the table below. Some individuals commented on more than one issue, thus the higher number of commenters in the table than individuals providing written feedback. The City of Montgomery responses to the most frequently asked questions are provided immediately following the table.

Question Breakdown

Pedestrian accommodations and safety 19
Traffic flow 9
Vehicular safety 6
Property Acquisition 2
Bicyclist safety 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Will drivers coming from Deerfield Road be able to enter the roundabout during rush hours when the traffic is heavy on Pfeiffer Road?

According to traffic count data, approximately 20% of vehicles approaching the intersection from Pfeiffer Road turned onto Deerfield Road during peak hours. This means that gaps in the circulating roadway are expected to develop for drivers approaching from Deerfield Road after every four vehicles, on average. Traffic modeling predicts that the average wait time for a vehicle entering the roundabout from Deerfield Road during rush hour is approximately 11 seconds.

What design elements will be included to make the roundabout safe for pedestrians?

Pedestrian accessibility and safety are very important to the City. The proposed roundabout design maintains crosswalks at the same locations as the current 4-way stop intersection (south leg across Deerfield Road and east leg across Pfeiffer Road). The crosswalks will be located approximately 20 feet behind the yield line at the roundabout so that pedestrians do not have to cross in front of vehicles as they enter the roundabout. Raised islands with a minimum length of 8 feet will be provided in the center of the approach roadways to provide pedestrian refuge areas, allowing pedestrians to cross only one lane of traffic in a single direction at a time. The raised curbing and curvature will result in slow speeds (approximately 20 mph or less) as vehicles approach the crosswalks and roundabout. Flashing pedestrian signs, similar to those at other locations in the City including at Dulle and Pioneer Parks, will be placed at the crosswalks with pushbutton activation.

Will the roundabout operate safely and effectively for ambulances and other larger vehicles?

Emergency vehicles will travel through the roundabout much like they do at any other intersection. Drivers on the road should pull off to the right and allow emergency vehicles to pass on their left. When possible, drivers within the roundabout should exit the roundabout and move to the right to allow emergency vehicles to pass. Drivers should avoid stopping in the roundabout. Vehicles such as firetrucks and school buses can make all turning movements and stay within the single circulating lane at the roundabout. The raised, colored pavement on the inside of the circulating lane is the truck apron and is provided to accommodate turning movements for large vehicles such as tractor trailers. The truck apron can also be used by emergency vehicles to navigate through the roundabout, if needed. The truck apron is not needed for cars, small trucks, and buses and should only be used by tractor trailers as necessary.

How will bicycles safely navigate the roundabout?

Bicyclists should travel through the roundabout like a motorist, just as they do at many other intersections in the City. As a bicyclist, you should yield to all lanes of traffic in the roundabout, stay in your lane within the roundabout, and stay close to the center of the lane to allow drivers to see you (do not hug the curb).

How will this project affect my commute during construction?

Construction is anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2022 and take approximately 4-6 months. Traffic will remain open on Pfeiffer Road and the north leg of Deerfield Road for the entire construction duration, aside from possible short-term closures overnight or on weekends. The south leg of Deerfield Road will be closed for approximately 1-2 months, and a detour will be provided using Pfeiffer Road and Montgomery Road to the south.

Will lighting be provided at the roundabout?

Lighting will be provided at the roundabout to improve nighttime visibility. Overhead lighting will be installed at the roadway approaches to the roundabout and along the circulating roadway to illuminate the road and sidewalks. The lighting levels will be consistent with national and state guidance for single lane roundabouts on local, urban roads.

Will the project require acquisition of new right-of-way?

Yes, the project will require new right-of-way. At this time, impacts are anticipated to four properties. The City or their agents will be contacting individual property owners to discuss specific right-of-way needs. This process is expected to begin around May 2021.

Will traffic back-ups from adjacent intersections be considered?

Modifications to the intersection of Pfeiffer Road and Montgomery Road and the intersection of Pfeiffer Road and Southwind Drive will be considered if traffic back-ups affect the operation of the intersection at Pfeiffer Road and Deerfield Road.

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