Montgomery Street Sign Sale

Posted on March 22, 2024

Own a small piece of Montgomery History

The City of Montgomery is offering residents a chance to buy old street signs. The signs are only sold at City Hall starting Monday, April 15. The signs, which come in various sizes, are sold as is and on a first-come, first-served basis. The conditions range from good to poor. Each sign is $25.

These former street signs have been replaced with new signs that display the City’s newest logo. We accept cash, check, and credit card.

The list of signs for sale on Monday, April 15:

Street Name (number of signs)


Belleford Ct (1)

Campus Ln (2)

Deerfield Rd (2)

Glenash Ct (1)

Hopewell Rd. (1)

Knollbrook Terrace (2)

Market Place Ln (1)

Mitchell Farm Ln (3)

Monte Dr. (3)

Orchard Club Dr. (1)

Radabaugh Dr. (1)

Samstone Ct (1)

Shakerdale Rd (1)

Shelldale Way (2)

Shelly Ln (3)

Snider St. (1)

Stonemeadow (2)

Terwilligers Run Dr. (1)

Vintage Club Blvd (1)

West Street (1)

Whitebridge Ct. (1)

Windzag Ln (1)


The Following Are Sold Out

Barnsley (SOLD OUT)

Bobwhite Ct. (SOLD OUT)

Bordeaux Ct (SOLD OUT)

Carriage Ln (SOLD OUT)

Castleford Ln (SOLD OUT)

Cooper Ln (SOLD OUT)

Cooper Rd (SOLD OUT)

Coopermeadow (SOLD OUT)

Delray Dr. (SOLD OUT)

Forestglen Dr. (SOLD OUT)

Hartfield Pl. (SOLD OUT)

Jolain Dr. (SOLD OUT)

Kennedy Lane (SOLD OUT)

Kerrianna Dr. (SOLD OUT)

Main St. (SOLD OUT)

Montgomery Rd. (SOLD OUT)

Old Town Ct. (SOLD OUT)

Perin Rd (SOLD OUT)

Pfeiffer Rd (SOLD OUT)

Remington Rd (SOLD OUT)

Ross Ave. (SOLD OUT)

Schoolhouse Ln (SOLD OUT)

Stonehenge Dr. (SOLD OUT)

Taulman Alley (SOLD OUT)

Ted Gregory (SOLD OUT)

Todd Dr. (SOLD OUT)

Toddtee Ln. (SOLD OUT)

Tollgate Ln (SOLD OUT)

Village Green Dr. (SOLD OUT)

Wimbledon Ct. (SOLD OUT)

Woodfern Rd (SOLD OUT)

Zig Zag Rd. (SOLD OUT)

The sale ends July 31. We will have more signs for sale in a second batch next year.





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