Wooley-Hattersley Carriage House c. 1890

Posted on October 19, 2020


7967 Cooper Rd




Wooley-Hattersley Carriage House c. 1890This Carriage House is sited on the same properly as the Wooley-Kelsch House, a designated landmark located at 7967 Cooper Road. The Carriage House dates to the 1890’s. It resembles an English or a three-bay barn, but it likely was not used for agricultural purposes, but as a Carriage House. As a Carriage House it has a center aisle, room for a carriage on one side and horse stalls on the other side under a hayloft. There are several elements of constructions consistent with the mid to late 1800’s when the property first appears on the records in Hamilton County, Ohio. These elements are (1) mortise-and-tenon framing, (2) circular-sawn lumber, and (3) board-and-batten siding with molded battens. The Carriage House has been caringly restored by Thomas and Sharon Hattersley in 2020-2021 to showcase the Carriage House as a part of the City’s heritage.

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