Frequently Asked Environmental Questions

Posted on April 1, 2023

Plastic clamshell container

In the spring and fall, the Montgomery Environmental Advisory Commission has a booth at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market with information about local environmental services. Two of the most often-asked questions are:

Can plastic clamshell containers go into the Rumpke recycling bin?

Rumpke’s Recycling Program does not accept plastic clamshell fruit and salad containers. Please place them in the waste bin. Currently, there is no outlet for recycling this type of plastic material. Rumpke can only accept empty, clean plastic bottles, jugs, tubs, and cups, except for Solo Cups, which are not accepted in Rumpke Recycling. Many plastic products like bubble wrap, plastic overwraps from paper towels, cereal box liners, newspaper sleeves, plastic shipping envelopes, clean sandwich bags, and plastic grocery bags are not accepted in Rumpke recycling. However, these plastics can be brought to Kroger or Meijer and placed in recycling bins at their store entryways.

What composting options are available in Montgomery?

At this time, three composting options are available in Montgomery.

Backyard Composters: Backyard composters are available for you to buy online or at your favorite garden store for a one-time fee. To learn how to make your homemade backyard composter, purchase a compost bin from Hamilton County or information to get you started composting, go to or

Go Zero: for details and fees, go to

Back 2 The Dirt: for details and fees, go to


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