B&T Talk: Water, Every Drop Matters!

AprApril 9 2024

7:00pm - 8:30pm Terwilliger Lodge

10530 Deerfield Road, Montgomery, Ohio 45242

Picture of a rain garden

What is a rain garden, and should you plant one in your yard?

Join us for our B&T Talk: Water: Every Drop Matters

Tuesday, April 9, at 7:00 pm

Terwilliger Lodge, 10530 Deerfield Road


photo of a man, Aaron Habig

Aaron Habig will walk you through a rain garden, showing you how to set one up and maintain it. Aaron will also cover general stormwater topics such as what it is, why it is a problem, and what residents can do about it.

You’ll also learn about conservation around the house, including tips and ideas for residents to conserve more natural resources.

Aaron assists landowners with drainage and erosion issues and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Hamilton County Earthwork Regulations by performing site inspections. Recycling, etc).


Space is limited to 75 attendees. RSVP Register Here.

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