Youth Mental Health: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and What to Do About It

MayMay 11 2023

7:00pm Terwilliger Lodge

10530 Deerfield Road, Montgomery, Ohio 45242



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Ever get that feeling that something just isn’t right? How about with your child? Sometimes we all have a rough or challenging day, but sometimes the challenges don’t stop. The most common concerns we hear are:

  • Being tired or fatigued half way through the day
  • Feeling distracted or losing interest in a topic
  • Moodiness ranging from irritable/angry outbursts, to anxiety/worry about the small (and big) stuff, to a lack of enjoyment/numbness about things we love
  • Concerned about how to get all needed things (homework, chores, extra-curricular activities) done in the time allotted without feeling stressed or constantly overwhelmed

If this sounds like you or a child in your life, come join us for an overview on how you can tell what might be just a rough day, and what might be ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, or a combination of any of the three. Learn how these symptoms can look different based on age or gender, as well as signs and symptoms that are cause for concern, what treatments are available to you, and how you can help in daily life.

Join Dr. Brittany Barber, Licensed Psychologist, and Molly Bernosky, School Psychologist from The Affinity Center will speak about these areas and answer any questions you might have about what to do next!

Intended Audience Disclaimer

This presentation is intended for parents/caregivers of school-aged children, adolescents, teenagers, and young adults as well as school-aged individuals who fit this description. However, all are welcome to attend and participate.



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