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Tax Office

Tax Office


10101 Montgomery Rd.
Montgomery, OH 45242
Mon - Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Please Note

Only use the Tax E-File and Pay option to file your city return and attach supporting documents. If you are only sending supporting tax documents, please use the Tax Office Secure Email option above.

Tax E-File and E-Pay

E-file User Guide - Click here to access the E-file User Guide

  1. To log in for the first time, you must have an active TAX account number (example 01234-R), and REGISTER for a WEB Login. If you have previously filed taxes in the City of Montgomery, you should have an active tax account. Previous filers can locate their Tax account number on their most recent tax return on the upper left-hand side of the account number location
  2. Once you obtain your active Tax account number, click the I’m ready to file online button below to register for a WEB login. If you do not receive a registration confirmation email, please contact the Tax Office at [email protected] or 513-792-8333.
  3. If you are filing with the City of Montgomery for the first time, and do not have an existing and active Tax account, please click the link below and navigate to the account login screen. Once you accept the terms, you will be directed to the account login screen. The last option under the Log in button will allow you to request a new tax account.  Only select this option if you have never filed City of Montgomery taxes.
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