Community Development Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Please tell us how strongly you agree or disagree with the following:
    5=strongly agree
    1=strongly disagree
  • 1. City staff treated you respectfully
  • 2. The City provided you with adequate information to guide you through the permit process.
  • 3. The time it took to receive your building or electrical permit was reasonable
  • 4. Communication from National Inspection Corporation (NIC) was understandable and helpful
  • 5. NIC staff treated you respectfully
  • 6. The plans examiners were knowledgeable about the building/electrical code and provided advice that helped resolve code issues
  • 7. It was easy to schedule an inspection
  • 8. The building inspector was on time for all scheduled inspections
  • 9. The cost of the building/electrical permit was reasonable
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