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Recycle more in your curbside bin

Grocery bags, candy wrappers, plastic straws, and Styrofoam™️ cups no longer need to end up in the landfill. Thanks to an initiative between Rumpke Waste and Recycling and the Hefty ReNew™ program, you can recycle more plastics right from home. The Hefty ReNew program complements — but does not replace — your current recycling routine. You’ll … Continued

Non-native Invasive Plant Species in Montgomery

With Spring in full bloom, a lot of attention has been paid to “Invasive Plant Species,” which are non-native plants that can spread unchecked because they lack local natural deterrents to keep them in balance with other native species. Most non-native plants have been introduced for erosion control, landscaping, culinary and medicinal use, wildlife foods, … Continued

Planting trees today for a greener tomorrow

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” This Chinese proverb seems especially true this fall. After sweltering summer temperatures, we could use the cooling effect of more of trees. And planting trees is something most of us in Montgomery can do. They add beauty to our … Continued

Spring 2023 Seasons of Beauty Award Winner

The City of Montgomery Beautification and Tree Commission has awarded the spring 2023 Seasons of Beauty award to Vineet and Preeti Kshirsagar. The home’s landscaping was a standout this spring, even with the large swings in temperature and weather this season. The Kshirsagar home was abundant with spring blooms, including both flowers and trees. And … Continued

Frequently Asked Environmental Questions

In the spring and fall, the Montgomery Environmental Advisory Commission has a booth at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market with information about local environmental services. Two of the most often-asked questions are: Can plastic clamshell containers go into the Rumpke recycling bin? Rumpke’s Recycling Program does not accept plastic clamshell fruit and salad containers. Please place … Continued

Spring is just around the Corner – Here are some tips on fertilizing

As winter fades and spring is in the air, our thoughts turn to the great outdoors, our lawns, and gardens! Along with green grass and blooming gardens come some reminders and tips about fertilization. Apply the recommended amount – more is not better. Don’t overwater your lawn after fertilizing. Avoid applying close to ponds or … Continued

Food Management in the Home – Work to Eliminate Food Waste

Food waste from homes accounts for 39% of the 108 billion pounds of food that goes un-eaten in the US each year.1 The 42 billion pounds of food waste from homes is costly to the consumer and to the environment. Better food management in the home can mitigate this economic loss. Some key points to … Continued

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