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Thoughts and Observations

Council Message by Ken Suer How did the Sycamore “Aviators” name come about? Well, the District was formed in 1949, and around the same time, the former Blue Ash Airport came into being. There was a contest to come up with a mascot name. A student submitted “Aviators” and won. The new Tapestry Collection hotel … Continued

A United Montgomery Continued

Council Message by Chris Dobrozsi As July 2022 comes to a close, I would like to look back at one of my favorite months for community-building events in this special place – the City of Montgomery. July brought us together to share what we have in common – a love for this City and a … Continued


Council Message by Mike Cappel Memorial Day, along with Independence Day and Veterans Day celebrate America. This year Memorial Day started about a week early on my Facebook feed. The first post came from a Second Lieutenant friend from the University of Cincinnati; it showed him and five happy, smiling young men wearing yellow togas … Continued

Spring Brings a Feeling of Hope

Council Message by Vice Mayor Lee Ann Bissmeyer As I write this article in early April for May, I’m looking out the window at the rain with snow in the forecast for this weekend. I can’t help but liken the similarities of the unpredictable Montgomery weather we are accustomed to with the seemingly never-ending changes … Continued

It’s OK to Talk About Mental Health

Council Message by Mayor Craig Margolis Six months ago, I shared plans of a community initiative designed to address mental health concerns in our community. Through our many programs, commissions, and initiatives, Montgomery wants to continue to be known as a caring community, and promoting good mental health will be another way of demonstrating we … Continued

Fitness is More Than Physical

Council Message By Ron Messer It’s that time of year again when we are between the holidays and our vacation season at the pool or beach. That means it may be time to “adjust” our weight or shape and get beach, pool, or sports fit. So what is fitness? We know that physical fitness is … Continued

Several Observations

Council Message by Ken Suer A few months ago, we held a local election for City Council, and there since has been some transition. After serving our community for two decades, Lynda Roesch decided not to run and, in effect, retired.  Lynda is a class act. On Council, she was always calm, courteous, poised, thoughtful, and she … Continued

A United Montgomery

Council Message by Chris Dobrozsi HAPPY NEW YEAR!  As we welcome in 2022, I am optimistic we will soon put the pandemic in the rearview mirror and set our sights on new year’s resolutions including the hope that our daily lives will fully return to normal activities.  Life for all of us has been challenging … Continued

Montgomery Underground

Council Message by Mike Cappel Ready for Montgomery Underground? It is and will remain an important part of our community. But it’s not the latest restaurant to be announced in the Quarter. It’s not even as exciting as a clandestine group of citizens ready to step up when a crisis hits our city. In fact, … Continued


Council Message by Lynda Roesch November is election month, and this is the first municipal election in over 20 years that I am not running. For more than 21 years, I have had the incredible privilege to serve the Montgomery community as a council member. During that time, much has changed in the City. The … Continued

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