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United Montgomery

Council Message by Council Member Chris Dobrozsi Is it Labor Day already? Where has the summer gone? As I sit here writing this article, these are the thoughts going through my mind. But oh, what a summer it has been. With vacations behind us and kids back in school, I find this the perfect time … Continued

Yes, Budgeting Can Be Fun!

Council Message by Vice Mayor Lee Ann Bissmeyer I just added one of my favorite city events to my calendar. No, it is not Bastille Day or the Holiday in the Village event; it is the annual 4-hour budget review meeting! I know many of you will think I am weird, but I really love … Continued

Continual Improvement

Council Message by Council Member Ron Messer Wow! It’s hard to believe how things have changed since my wife, three daughters, and I moved from Blue Ash to Montgomery in 1986. I was working for a large consumer goods company at that time, and it was just beginning to implement a formal and structured “total … Continued

Hi Neighbor!

Council Message by Mayor Craig Margolis Are you a good neighbor? Do you think the art of being neighborly is lost? What does being a good neighbor in twenty-first century America actually mean? Montgomery prides itself on being a city of residents and neighbors. Where most of our land mass is single-family homes, your chances … Continued

Inspiration for Change

Council Message by Mike Cappel Once I became involved with Montgomery as a volunteer and later as a Council Member, I began to meet inspirational people and businesses everywhere. Perhaps I didn’t recognize inspiration, but I found the Inspired within the ranks of Montgomery volunteers, staff, council and later in other communities, politicians and even … Continued

New Opportunities to Care for Our Community, Our Family, and Ourselves

Council Message by Council Member Sasha Naiman Amid day-to-day responsibilities, it is important (but sometimes difficult) to create meaningful opportunities for community engagement, family bonding, and personal well-being. Fortunately, Montgomery offers many wonderful ways to do all three—and sometimes all at once! Montgomery’s new “Family Volunteer Challenge” mixes community service with family fun and personal … Continued

A United Montgomery in 2023

Council Message by Chris Dobrozsi Happy New Year to all. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and was able to relax and enjoy time with family, friends, and neighbors during the most magical time of the year. My family and I certainly made the most of our time as we enjoyed the … Continued

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Council Message by Vice Mayor Lee Ann Bissmeyer I hope the City of Montgomery can help you get into the holiday spirit! We have quite a few events to add to your calendar if you are looking for some holiday cheer. On Saturday, December 3, we are kicking off the season with the annual lighting … Continued

Preserving Relationships in Polarized Times

Council Message by Mayor Craig Margolis I am a modern-day citizen of Montgomery. I crave diversity, whether I am walking into a fast-food restaurant and ordering a meal “my way” or acquiring news to satisfy my curiosity about the world around me. I do not think I am unique, yet I hear stories of coworkers, … Continued

Drug Addiction Awareness

Council Message By Ron Messer More than 107,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2021. That is more than gun deaths (49,000) and vehicle deaths (43,000) combined. It’s a staggering number that was up 15% from 2020, and it’s on pace to far eclipse that number this year. Yet the news media seems to pay … Continued

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