Secure Tax Form Online Authorization

Please Note

Please use the “secure email account” option below to submit copies of all tax documents required by Ohio State Law or as requested by the Tax Office.


This City of Montgomery is now offering a way to securely email tax forms. This service will encrypt your email and attachments for your privacy and protection.

  1. Submit the authorization form below.
  2. Click on the link in the confirmation message or confirmation email to create your secure email account.
  3. Use the secure email account to send tax documents to the Montgomery Tax Office.

Email Authorization

I (we) will notify the Tax Office in writing if our e-mail address changes. I (we) understand that for verification purposes, security questions will be forwarded to me (us) via e-mail after receipt of this form.

I (we) authorize the City of Montgomery to communicate tax information to us via e-mail. These e-mails may include but are not limited to City of Montgomery Tax Forms (including account and pin numbers), City of Montgomery Quarterly Installment Coupons, and City of Montgomery Tax Correspondence (including but not limited to Correction Letters/Balance Due Letters/No File Letters).

I understand that failure to receive e-mails sent by the Tax Office, for whatever reason, does not alter my responsibility to file tax returns, make payments, or reply to correspondences from the Tax Office.

Further, I understand that I may withdraw my permission to communicate via e-mail at any time by notifying the Montgomery Tax Office in writing or via e-mail.

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